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i’m not an amateur, i’m the saviour | inspired by [x]



congratulations on your cute  [3/?] lana parrilla

I never liked apples. In fact, when I was a little girl, my mom wanted to give me apples in my lunch box and I would ask for green peppers. So bizarre.




In celebration of managing to get 70 people to follow me in 3 weeks, I’m going to do a programme giveaway. Yes programme, not playbill (since everyone does these Broadway playbill giveaways but there are very few West End programme giveaways)

· You must be following me (thefixmt)
· Reblogs count as entries and you can enter as many times as you want.
· The winner will be chosen and messaged on August 28th.
· Once chosen, the winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim the programmes.
· I will ship anywhere.
· There will be only 1 winner, which I will choose with a random number generator.

The winner gets:

1 West End Wicked programme from March 2014 (Willemijn Werkaik, Ashleigh Gray as a standby, Savannah Stevenson, Jeremy Taylor, Sue Kelvin, Sam Kelly, Martyn Ellis as a standby, Paul Clarkson, Sam Lupton, Katie Rowley Jones)

1 West End Matilda programme from March 2014 signed by Haley Flaherty (Lollie McKenzie, Georgia Pemberton, Tasha Chapple, Cara Jenkins, Lottie Sicilia)

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to message me.



"So [Judy] called the school and they said well we’re doing auditions for the children’s version of the hobbit but for the second and third graders and I was in kindergarten and they said I was too young and I just crashed the auditions

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We make each other alive. Does it matter if it hurts?

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Hello, have you accepted Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison as your Queen and Savior?

Ooooooh that was good. That was good. I salute you.

this is goddamn brilliant and needs to be reblogged forever. 



"You have to trust your abilities, work really hard and know you can do it. If you don’t get a part it isn’t the end of the world, there will be more chances.

If you are afraid of rejection you won’t learn why you didn’t make it. You just have to laugh about it. You won’t feel great about it at the time, but just know that in a week or so you will feel better.”

-Willemijn Verkaik


Plot Twist: {x}





Naya Rivera looking fucking cute in “At The Devil’s Door”

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