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I’m pretty much the master of handling things completely wrong.

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Wicked Challenge (Five Elphabas)

Julia Murney (former Elphaba – Broadway, 1st Natl. Tour)

"I’ve known Stephen Schwartz for a very long time. I had sung "Defying Gravity" — I think I might have been the first person to sing it in New York. It was at the Duplex [in July 2002] — there was an evening of Stephen’s music that someone put together, and Stephen very kindly [told them], "You can have a song from my new show [Wicked]" —which was just about to do more workshops — "but Julia Murney has to sing it," which was very sweet. And, I think — I might be wrong here — but I think [the key] might have actually been higher! Because I remember saying, "Stephen, this is not cute."



oh my oz i never thought about glinda dying in southstairs and what we read was supposed to be elphie fetching glinda’s soul to bring her to the afterlife and just whyyyy but i always thought as i was reading that scene that it was very much a parallel reminiscent of the first act of the musical where elphaba asks glinda to come with her but glinda got cold feet and stuff but the difference this time around after years and years and decades later elphie comes back to glinda and asks her to come with her and this time glinda very much welcomes that invitation and they lived happily ever after is what i drew conclusion to that last line maguire wrote about my otp and i think it’s beautiful



wow can i just say this picture gives me life




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emma and regina saying each other’s name (◕‿◕✿)

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Oliver and Felicity in 3x01 ‘The Calm’

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Pedro Pascal loving the FORMER Queen regent Cersei!

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